Comprehensive services from
Friendly Movers

We at Friendly Movers are proud to offer a wide range of services. That allows us to offer customers personalized moving plans that allow your move to go smoothly. The cornerstones of our services are:

  • Home moves

    We get your old apartment to your new home. And with plenty of additional services and three service packages, you can design your move to best suit your needs

  • Company move

    Changing offices? Moving into a new workspace? Or even to a new city? We have a lot of experience with company moves and are happy to help get your new workspace set up fast.

  • Nationwide

    Whether you’re heading from Hamburg to Munich, from the big city to the countryside or from one suburb to the next – our moving experts are available throughout Germany to help you get moving.

  • International

    Within the EU, in a third state or to continent – we can take care of it for you. The distance of the move is no barrier for success at Friendly Movers.

Our service packages – moving services for every budget

With our three service packages you can easily decide how much of the move to do yourself and what you prefer to leave to us. The service package is selected at the end of the quote request.

The Friendly Movers - Basic move


The Friendly Movers - Comfort move


The Friendly Movers - Comfort Plus move

Comfort Plus

Additional services

Moving often means more work than just the move itself. We’ll take care of the additional tasks such as cleaning, renovation work and bureaucracy. When you request a quote, you can conveniently book additional services with it – so you can concentrate on your new home.

Installing a kitchen installation isn’t something most people do very often – but we sure do. Having a pre-installed kitchen when you move in can help you feel at home faster. And save you plenty of pizza bills.

Usually, all you have to do is wipe the floors and other surfaces and clean the windows. But people often forget the balcony, behind the stove, the kitchen cabinets, etc. We can hire a professional cleaning service for you – that way all you have to do is look forward to your new apartment.

If your new or old home needs to be painted or partly renovated, we can hire a reliable company to take care of that – one that we’ve worked with often and know that can be trusted.

When your old apartment is clean and back in its best condition, it’s ready to be handed back to the owner. No need to wait around for that. As an additional service, Friendly Movers can hand your old apartment back over to your landlord or rental company. We can also pick up the key for your new apartment if you need it.

If your new and old apartment differ a lot in size, you may need to store some furniture. We can integrate storage right into the moving plan and take care of it for you.

If all your personal belongings are traveling in a single transport, you’ll want to know that they enjoy the best protection in case something happens. Individual transport insurance is not just a good idea: It also offers you peace of mind. We work with professional insurers and help you find the best options.