Going beyond borders – to get you home:

If you’re moving to another country, our moving experts can get you there. The logistics of moving abroad can be daunting – Friendly Movers knows firsthand from long experience how it works and are happy to help you with personal consultation and a range of additional services::

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Friendly Movers Willkommen in Deutschland – moving to Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland – moving to Germany

Friendly Movers is a Berlin-based internationally acting moving company. That means that if you’re coming to Germany, we’re already here to help you. Whether you’re moving into a city apartment in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne, into a cozy suburb or to the countryside, we can plan your move to Germany and take care of it for you.

All across Europe – the EU and beyond

Europeans are moving around the continent more freely that ever before – but the move can quickly turn into a logistical challenge. Within the EU or to a third country like Switzerland or Norway, we get your move rolling for you.

Friendly Movers All across Europe – the EU and beyond
Friendly Movers Overseas – traveling around the world to get home

Overseas – traveling around the world to get home

Whether it’s America, Australia, Asia or other destinations abroad, you’ll need a structured moving plan created by experienced experts. We offer personalized consultation on the long road to living abroad. Contact us directly so that we can go over everything together.

Additional services –
that can help you with a long-distance move

A move to a location that’s headed to a far-away location abroad can involve certain jobs and challenges. We offer the following additional services to help you get your long-distance move under control quickly:

  • Full service from planning to handover

    For international moves, you need a detailed plan – best done by someone who has already organized hundreds of moves like this. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Friendly Movers.

  • Comprehensive transport insurance

    Unexpected things can happen along the way – we can organise transport insurance if you need it to offer your home or office complete protection during transport.

  • GPS tracking for truck freight

    Always want to know exactly where belongs are? We can understand that – and can arrange it for you. You can book GPS tracking for selected routes.

  • Overseas transportation by ship

    Off to America, Asia or Australia? If you’re moving your home by ship, we can organize the intercontinental transport for you.

  • Storage

    For long-distance moves, not everything can always be brought along. If you have to leave behind large pieces of furniture or vehicles, we can store them for you.

  • Aircargo

    When time is a factor, air cargo is often the best solution. We have lots of experience with that and can help you find the right option for your move.