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  • A professional moving service – at fair prices and supported by an established network of partners.
  • Three service packages – with comprehensive planning and convenience.
  • Nationwide and international moves – to help you arrive quickly and settle even faster.

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Plan your company move right – get an estimate today.

A company move often means a lot more work than a private move. To allow everything to go more smoothly, more intense planning is vital – even for smaller companies. With Friendly Movers, you’ve got a partner with years of experience in company moves. From project planning to organisation and onto transporting inventory, we offer customers comprehensive service.

We’d like to get in touch with you so that we can offer you an individual estimate that’s been specially tailored to your needs. This service is free of charge and comes with no commitment from you.

We make moving easier
than ever before – here’s how it works

We know that every move is different and detail-oriented planning is simply a must. That’s exactly what our system is designed to do. Start by entering the basic information about your move. You can then easily fill in additional details about your move and/or request a personal consultation by phone or on location. You’ll then receive your individual quote from us. More simple moves can also be booked in the system directly.

Friendly Movers - Request a quote
We make moving easier
than ever before – here’s how it works

How much do you have, what you will need for the move and how much will it all cost? At the beginning of a move, there are often many questions to be answered. With our tool, you have the opportunity to get the answers you need. By filling in the information, you’ll get an overview of the necessary materials and the costs – based on this information, we’ll make an individual quote and advise you further.

Friendly Movers - Estimating your belongings
We make moving easier
than ever before – here’s how it works

We have a lot of experience and know when things can get moving right away – some moves can be booked directly on the website. If you’re moving within a city and don’t need additional services, you can book your move after you fill in the remaining information. We’ll be happy to assist you if you need it.

Friendly Movers - Book move
We make moving easier
than ever before – here’s how it works

Off we go. Once we’ve determined the size and date of your move, our moving experts can get going. Depending on which service package you’ve selected, you will receive important information prior to the moving so the big day can go smoothly and as planned. If you need to change things or you have any questions, we’re always available to talk things through. Moving in: Welcome home. Our moving experts take your packed-up home safely to its destination. If you’ve booked additional services, such as cleaning or storage, we’ll keep you up to date and let you know as things progress.

Friendly Movers - Move

Our service packages – moving services for every budget

With our three service packages you can easily decide how much of the move to do for yourself and what you prefer to leave to us. You can choose a service package when you request a quote from us – we’ll then clear up any details with you personally.

The Friendly Movers - Basic move


The Friendly Movers - Comfort move


The Friendly Movers - Comfort Plus move

Comfort Plus

Additional services for any move

Some moves can mean quite a bit of extra work. You may not even have time to pack your apartment or reassemble furniture in your new home. We can take care of that for you. When you request a quote, you can conveniently book additional services with it – that way, you can concentrate on your new home.

Friendly Movers - Kitchen assembly

Kitchen assembly

Friendly Movers - Final cleaning

Final cleaning

Friendly Movers - Painting and renovations

Painting and renovations

Friendly Movers - Handover service

Handover service

Friendly Movers - Storage


Friendly Movers - Premium insurance

Premium insurance

Our tips for a stress-free move

Je eher und besser Sie Ihren Umzug vorbereiten, desto weniger wird Sie der Umzugstag selbst belasten. Sie erhalten von unserem Umzugsunternehmen daher rechtzeitig vor dem Umzug eine umfangreiche Umzugscheckliste. Möglichst früh sollten Sie beispielsweise an Folgendes denken:

Damit beim Umzug nichts schiefgeht, haben wir für Sie eine Checkliste für den systematischen Abbau der Möbel zusammengestellt.

Für alle, die zum ersten Mal umziehen, empfehlen wir diese Checkliste mit 6 essentiellen Punkten für einen reibungslosen Ablauf des Umzugs.

Umzugsfirmen sind im Sommer besonders gefragt. Daher gilt: bei Umzügen im Sommer: rechtzeitig planen! Wir verraten, was Sie sonst noch beachten sollten.

Zum Wohnungsumzug kommt meist noch die Gestaltung der neuen Wohnung hinzu. Unsere Tipps zeigen Dir, wie Du Dir eine wohnliche Atmosphäre schaffst.